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Vivid and imaginative!

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Woven in Moonlight was such a fun fantasy read! The writing was so beautifully vivid and imaginative. Ximena is a fierce, likable main character and I loved her magical ability. However, I was somewhat perplexed by her role as the decoy Condesa. Her personality is so different from the real Condesa's and I felt like she didn't have a "what would the Condesa do?" mindset. In any case, I really liked her inner struggle after learning the truth about her people's history. This is a story about choosing the best path forward for all over your lifelong loyalties and desire for revenge.

Aside from Ximena, I loved Juan Carlos! His upbeat personality was such a splash of joy. I also liked the mysterious Rumi and his efforts to teach Ximena. I did wish El Lobo had been someone else and I could've done without the romance, but overall, this book had so much to offer and I look forward to the companion novel!