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Vibrant Young Adult Fantasy

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“My heart is no different than yours. Why is it so hard to believe that even enemies may want the same things?”

A magically vibrant story of culture, conflict, and friendship!

In order to protect the real condesa, the last royal Illustrian, Ximena puts aside her own identity and takes on that of the decoy condesa. Ximena and the Illustrian people seek revenge against Atoc, the cruel ruler who drove them from their city by magical means. But when Atoc demands the condesa’s hand in marriage, Ximena will soon find out that the line between enemy and friend quickly blurs.

This novel was all the I hoped for and even more! Young adult fantasy, a strong female lead, and a vibrant setting.

Ximena and the magical cast of characters that surround her are immensely likable, though not perfect. I loved that as she spends more time with her so-called enemies, she comes to realize that they may not be so different after all. This right here was my favorite piece of the novel - Ibañez wonderfully examines conflict and the idea of enemies, while showing us what it means to lay aside our own desires for the common good. This is a wonderful lesson: maybe we aren’t so different from our enemies. Maybe we’re actually all humans that desires the same things - to love and be loved, to be free.

Additionally, the moon as a source of magic is something my dreams are made of! The magic in this world is beautiful and unique.

Woven in Moonlight has been a favorite of my 2020 reading, and I can’t wait to see what more this world has!