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Enchanting as the cover is beautiful

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4.5 stars.

I fell in love with the cover of Woven in Moonlight and was delighted to find that the book lived up to my hopes for it after reading the first couple chapters. I really enjoyed the writing style; it was fluid and easy to read, making it a very consumable read.

Ibañez has written a tale inspired by and steeped in her Bolivian roots, and the culture, atmosphere and use of language helped to enrich the book. The food, the land, the colors, the flowers; I wanted to see and touch and taste the good stuff.

The magic system was interesting but erratic; different people had different "talents" but the system wasn't very defined or explained. That being said, I love the magic weaver angle, and how it ties into the long history of textiles being used for messaging and larger purposes. I am left wanting Ximena's skills for myself. And more by this author.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick* and entertaining read or for foodies who appreciate shoutouts to delicious foods in their narratives. (*It is only a quick read of you can refrain from being constantly distracted by starting at the gorgeous cover.)