Enchanting and Spellbinding Fantasy!

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I would've rated this higher if I could have like a 10!

I've been wanting to read this debut novel and it did not disappoint - actually, it rather swept me away into the world of Inkasisa. It was so well written and had some reminiscent feel for me of when I lived in Uruguay with some of the descriptions, the foods, drinks, and everything. I loved the little bits of Spanish in there, the Bolivian culture and things in the story. Reading this story kind of made me want to go visit there even though I know it's not real but it reminded me of how I miss Uruguay, but I digress, back to the book and the story.

It's an amazing story full of intrigue, spies, two sides fighting for who is to be placed on the throne and rule over the kingdom of Inkasisa and who should or will pay for all the bad that's happened from the past wars and revolts. It's about a girl, who acts as the Condesa/Queen/Ruler over one of the sides of the Illustrians, and she's the Condesa's decoy.

One day after one of their Illustrian rulers has gone off on a mission and they're waiting for them to come back, the Llacsans come to the bridge between the two sides and asks to cross it to talk to them. When the Llacsans come to talk to the Illustrians, they bring the bad news that the Illustrian group they're waiting for has been captured by the Llacsans and if they don't want them to die then the Condesa has to agree to come over to the Llacsan palace to marry their King Atoc.

So, as the Condesa's decoy, Ximena, has to go over to the palace to agree to marry this King Atoc, which she does and then everything changes over time while she is staying there preparing for the wedding to the King. She has to try to find an object that they believe can help the Illustrians and her friend, the Condesa to take over from the King and she meets and gets to know more about the Llacsans and their life on the other side of the bridge. She also meets El Lobo, who is a well-known vigilante and learns more about him and in learning more about El Lobo and the Llacsans she finds she's not as sure of things as when she was back with the Illustrians and the Condesa. She starts to find and figure out who she is and whom she wants to be and what she wants or thinks will be best as she learns about the Llacsans and their life in addition to her knowledge of her own life and that of the Illustrians.

She gets put in some hard positions, has to make hard decisions and there is danger, romance, intrigue, political and personal changes for her. She also learns more about her talents, skills, and magic she possesses.

Ximena goes through some major changes and learning experiences, finding love along the way and figuring things out to do what's best for all of Inkasisa as well as what feels right and best for herself.

It's a pretty clean read, there's little to no language or sexual content, mostly some violence as one would expect in a time of war and political upheaval, etc such as occurs in this story.

I Loved this book! If you're curious about it at all make sure to check it out. You're missing out if you haven't read this fantastic story!