Riveting Read!

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Wilder Girls is a gripping dark academia-sapphic-horror-thriller that I quite literally could not put down. The mystery and suspense drew me in instantly. While reading, I found my self wishing to read ahead so I could just find out what happens. At the climactic point, I could barely contain myself!
The characters were all deeply flawed, but likable. The budding romance between the two protagonists was not the main focus of the story, but still a nice touch. I truly cared for the characters and what happened to them.
Although, my one critique is the ending. Personally, I have never been a fan of open ended stories. The novel ended ambiguously with the protagonist dying (?). In order for this to be justified, I would have liked some additional insight into what truly happened.
But, overall, great read. I recommend to fans of The Secret History and the Walking Dead!