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Overall great and innovative book

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This book was definitely a surprise for me and slightly out of my comfort zone. I usually read high fantasy and ya and rarely ever pick up something other than that.
I hadn't heard much about this book before spotting it at my local book store. The beautiful cover instantly drew me in.

From the very first moment the story grips your attention, you never truly know what's going, how things came to be the way they are. There also definitely is a certain degree of gore and body horror in this book so be aware if that should be something you might find unsettling.

I loved meeting new characters and reading about the effects of this strange and mutated environment on these young girls.
I only had an issue with the pacing at times. Sometimes it felt slow and and other times I had to reread sentences to understand what just happened. I wasn't a huge fan of the writing style, but I usually prefer third person rather than first person narratives anyway.

Other than that I thought it was a great book with a captivating story.