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Ok but not all I was hoping for

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I really was looking forward to having a YA equivalent of the Area X series by Jeff Vandermeer, but this was a little too Lord of the Flies and a little less bio-horror than I wanted. The relationships between the girls were pretty interesting at first, and the mystery of the island and what the teachers might be hiding was extremely compelling. But the last third of the book kind of tapered off into questionable and selfish decisions from everyone, and I lost a lot of my initial interest. Some of the twists and turns were kind of unbelievable from a logical standpoint, too. I never stopped liking the writing or the ideas, but the execution was flawed.

I'm all for ambiguous endings, but this was more like the book just stopped, like the author decided she was done. I would definitely try something else by Rory Power since this might just be down to her being a first-time author.