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Wilder Girls is a crazy tale on a virus that makes Covid seem like a common cold. The ‘Tox’ has hit Raxter School for Girls. They under an extremely strict qurantine, but even one is still getting the virus and many are dying. It’s a Lord of The Flys situation when only a few adults are left. See, Raxter is on a secluded island and once the ‘Tox’ arrived they are pretty much abandoned by the mainland. They receive shipments of food, but not enough to feed everyone. And when the food is delivered it’s not all good. The supplies sent are also slim for the 60 or so survivors.

We follow Hatty as she becomes a leader among her peers and work with her to figure out what the heck is actually happening at this school. When her best friend Byatt gets sick and goes missing, Hetty is in an all out panic to find out the truth behind the ‘Tox’ and find a cure before everyone dies.

This book was a slow roll for me. It was hard to get into and the characters were underdeveloped. I had no idea which direction the book was going to take and never established a flow while reading it. It was creepy, but it needed more. The ending was very lackluster and provided zero closure. Maybe a second book is coming?