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Mixed Opinion

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I have mixed feelings about this book. It’s a compelling read- I had to know what happened next so I kept reading. It also paints really vivid pictures. The imagery is well done.
But the writing isn’t good. I know that’s mostly for effect, but I found it really distracting. It felt sloppy and stilted. Also the whole cause of the Tox was too spot on to a very specific point. It was too pointed. I found that a little obnoxious.
The ending made sense but in a time dominated by sequels this feels like it’s setting itself up to have a sequel. That also is something I personally find annoying.
I appreciated the female friendships being displayed in complexity and the development of leadership skills and even the hint of a queer romance.
In the end though this novel is trying to do a lot. Perhaps that why I didn’t like it. It’s trying to cover too much ground.
It was still an enjoyable read, and I’m glad I read it. I’ll probably even recommend it to certain people. But my recommendation with definitely come with a warning to not get their hopes up too high.