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I am hooked.

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WOW! Just them 27 pages has me hooked. Everything about it has me thinking, what's next? It has such an interesting and unique storyline and I have 101 questions about the Tox. What is the Tox? Where did it come from? Will the girls get any abilities or powers from it? Is there a cure? CAN it be cured? My head is spinning with possibilities and I'm driving myself crazy! The characters all seem very reserved and I think this is because of all the walls they have put up trying to protect themselves against the Tox and fighting to stay alive, I really hope that we get to see what their personalities are like, or were like, pre-tox. So far my favourite character would have to be Reese, she has this savageness about her but she also seems very caring so I think she'll be very protective over the other two girls, I'm excited to see their friendship grow. It really does seem like a fantastic book and I'm already so invested in the story so I can't wait to read the rest!