Exciting Page-turner for YAs!

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I initially read the first chapter or so from a 'First Impression' and the first few pages had me totally hooked. I had so many questions about the tox, what it was doing, how you could catch it ... I wanted to know what had happened that landed us (the readers) in this time and place. So the 'sucked in' factor is completely present in this book, which is extremely important for readers that want a lot of action or for reluctant readers that really have to get hooked quickly if they're going to continue reading.

I also loved that this book was female-character-heavy but that the plot had something to offer all readers. As an English teacher of young teens, with every year that goes by I am more and more excited to see the world of YA lit begin to diversify and to move in a direction that is a little bit more representative of the world today. Though this book doesn't scream 'diversity!' by any means, it's nice to read a book that has a lot of female characters rather than just a cast of young guys all fighting to survive on the island like it's Lord of the Flies 2019. I think this book will have something to offer both my female and male readers, whether it's being able to relate to the girls or being sucked into the plot and the crazy tox.

There were some parts towards the end that I was confused about and had to do a little of rereading, so I expect that some of my teen readers would have the same questions/thoughts, but overall I think this was really well done, intriguing, and good fast-paced thriller to put in someone's hands!