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I was sent a physical copy of this book for review thanks to the publisher and Bookish First.

So this isn't going to be a very good review. Why? Because I committed a mortal bookish sin and DNF'd this book. I'm sorry but I just couldn't get past page 75 for the life of me. I had to set it down as a disappointment.

So here's the thing. I was actually REALLY excited to read this book. I added it to be TBR as soon as I saw the gorgeous cover and read the interesting synopsis. Then I got an ARC and I was even more thrilled. Then I opened it... and... I... was... bored.

I am having a hard time pinpointing what exactly turned me off from this book in such a snap but I am going to try and explain it the best way I know how... with words, duh.

Anyway, for starters, I should have known this book wasn't for me. After all, it is a retelling of Lord of the Flies - a book that I couldn't bring myself to finish either when I picked it up from the library last year. It's just... not my cup of tea I guess. The graphic, gory, disturbing scenes and the savage af characters turned me way off in both of these books. If you're the kind of person that gets grossed out easily, ha, find another book, sweetie. This one gets kinda nasty right away.

In terms of the plot, I was less than thrilled. Nothing about it sparked my interest and made me really care what the f happened to any of the characters. Speaking of which, didn't care about the characters either. I think you really need to get invested in them in order to care if they make it to the end but I found myself cold to all of them.

Now the writing... people are saying the writing is rich and lush and gorgeous and while it is fine, there's nothing inherently wrong with the writing style, it didn't nothing for me personally. It was good, not great, settle down.

I'm going to wrap my review up here because frankly I've wasted enough time on this book. I do hope if you choose to pick it up (most likely because of the stunning cover) you find tons and tons to love about it.

Happy reading!