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5 Stars

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“I think I’d been looking for it all my life a storm in my body to match the one in my head.” - Wilder Girls, Rory Power.

The Raxter School for girls has been in quarantine for 18 months since the Tox started. Hettie and her two friends Byatt and Reese have been living in the school with the other students who are all slowly dying of their mutations; but everything changed when one of them disappears after having a flare up and Hettie will do everything in her power to find out where she is.

This book is everything that I love wrapped up in a beautiful cover. Mystery, horror, unique storyline, survival story, I loved it. It was truly a page turner of a book. It was violent and gruesome and the book dived into how humans react in the worst possible circumstances; there was something incredibly empowering about this book.

I loved the side storyline of the girls sexuality and even though I was convinced Hettie had feelings for Byatt from the start, I loved the relationship that unfolded between Hettie and Reese. There was something so beautiful about it and it gave a short respite to all the gore.

The ending made me scream! I needed more, I needed to know all the answers, and although we were given enough answers for it to be a stand alone book, I need a sequel.