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This Reads Like a Thriller

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You know those movies that have a dark, faceless creature meant to terrorize the audience?

The directors scare us by giving the illusion we will see it’s face soon, but keeping the actual vision away as long as possible.

It’s haunting.

That’s how I feel about this book.

What is happening to those girls?
Will we ever see the squirming creature behind Hetty’s eye?
Will they survive to see their families again?

I am itching to read the rest of this book, but I also think I’m going to have nightmares thinking about this nameless, faceless, shapeless terror.

A note on the cover:
I didn’t really understand at first. It was just a cool twisty art thing.

But after reading for ten minutes, I see it represents whatever is growing inside of these girls and tearing them apart.

It gives me chills just to look at the cover now after reading the beginning.

Awesome story. Fantastic writing— my hands are sweating and my heart is pumping from the first chapter. I can’t wait to see where this twisty ride will take me.