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First thing that drew me to this title was the cover art and the title. I am always fascinated with historical fiction from the 20s. Even though life was really rough, the strength and the ability of these strong women to make the best of it and to still find good times. This story had everything I love, romance that was so strong it lasted through years. The hard times that each character had to go through, and there was even a bit of mystery. It was interesting to read about how life was. After reading the story I wanted to listen to the blues, and look up everything I could find so I could see the beautiful dances. I loved how the author wrote in the different pov, from sawyer to honoree. Of course my favorite parts of the story were honorees parts of the story. Her attitude, and the way she went through life doing whatever she wanted, following her dreams. This story was so good I want to keep reading. And I cannot wait to read the authors next book!