Jazz Age historical fiction

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Wild Women and the Blues is a historical fiction novel set in Jazz Age Chicago. The narrative switches between 1920s Chicago and current day. In the 20s we follow Honoree Delacourt, a young dancer who dreams of making in big and dancing in the best clubs in town. In the present we follow Sawyer Hayes, a film student trying to interview a now 110-year old Honoree about her life.

The setting and descriptions of Chicago and the homes and clubs where Honoree lives and works were incredibly well done. The author made it very easy to picture myself dancing in the speakeasy and traveling around town. The main characters and side characters were all believable in their dialogue and actions and I grew especially attached to young Honoree.

Not sure if the twist was supposed to be shocking when it was revealed, since there were many hints throughout the whole book. Even though I guessed the twist early, that didn't diminish my enjoyment of the book at all.