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Let me start off saying thank you for the opportunity for gifting me an arc of this debut. I was initially hesitant, not a fan of historical fiction, but decided to put m past experiences aside and give it a try.

I LOVE that we get the viewpoints of Honoree from her younger years to her current situation in an old folks facility. She is that type of person who I love but don't like. Honoree still has a lot of fight within her and is as stubborn as it gets lol.

Sawyer, I feel bad forgtting about his character, is dealing with his own demons while trying to finish a project that Honoree could piece together. This guy has SO much patience to continue coming back and visiting her after their many dismissive visitings.

I found it really exciting when we'd return to the "present" with Sawyer and one of the characters in Honoree's earlier life name is mentioned.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and will hold this gem close to my heart.