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Wild Women and The Blues by Denny S Bryce is a dual timeline story, which I always love! One timeline is in 2015. Sawyer after a year is finally trying to finish his final project for school. He believes the answer to his project will be with a 105 year old woman, Honoree. The other perspective is in 1925 and we are following Honoree’s story as a dancer.


This book was everything I needed. I love a book told with dual timelines and I love books set in the 20s. The night club scenes, mobsters, and the fashion, what more can you ask for? This author can really bring this setting and characters to life. I also really enjoyed that this one had intrigue and a “murder mystery” attached to it. In the end there was a twist that I enjoyed, but I felt like the reason behind it wasn’t fully explained. That aside I really enjoyed this historical fiction!

4 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️