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The Roaring Twenties is a historical era that everyone thinks that they know well, but only certain aspects of it are frequently portrayed in the media- luminous parties, flowing (bootlegged) liquor, opulence, celebrity. These images traditionally are only shown with a white face. The gorgeous cover- showing Honoree's brown skin in a flapper gown& with an Art Deco motif for lettering- shows that this book will shatter those preconceived notions that many have about this time period.

This excerpt of Wild Women and The Blues expands the reader's perception of the 1920s, by showing that people of all races were alive and thriving in that period. I am also thrilled that this book takes place in Chicago, and not New York, where the excesses of the twenties are normally portrayed. The "Harlem Renaissance" was global, and I hope that the full book illustrates that as beautifully as this section was described.

I am intrigued by this excerpt, I am very curious to as what Miss Honoree's secret is and how it will intertwine with Sawyer's life in the present. How will the violence and horror that linger just under the surface reveal themselves? Will beauty remain?