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Memoir about a daughter's complicity in her mother's affair

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Wild Game is a memoir of Adrienne, who was her mother's confidante in an affair. Malabar, the mother, woke Adrienne at age 14 to tell her of the start of an affair between herself and Malabar's husband's best friend, Ben. Malabar also enlists Adrienne to help Malabar and Ben carry on this affair for about 10 years. Adrienne becomes a player in this love story and it is manifests itself in depression and being under her mother's thumb for too long.
I was looking forward to reading this memoir, due to all the advance praise for it, but after reading it, I just felt that it was all about the rich not caring who they hurt. The families lived very wealthy and carefree lives on Cape Cod and in NYC, and carried on an affair in front of their spouses, and involved a young daughter in this lie. It made me sick to think of a mother who would do this to her daughter, only caring about her own happiness, and not caring what effect it would have on the daughter. I felt sorry for Adrienne, but I also had a touch of "poor little rich girl" feeling that went along with it.
I also felt that it was odd that all the names in the book would be changed, and then the author names each person in the acknowledgement section of the book.
Thanks to NetGalley and for a free reader copy, any opinions on the book are my own.
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