Caper Crime

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This is a very British crime caper book and I could see the movie spool n front of me as I read it. The caper needs a mastermind, who plans the job and brings in the other crew members. In this caper, something went wrong and three of the four men died. There is some classic misdirection here, but we see it reflected when the widows of the three dead men try their hands at the crime. How's that? It seems our mastermind wrote everything down in a ledger. Everybody is after the ledgers. The Mastermind's widow has the ledgers. She doesn't see any reason why the widows can't do the caper and, thereby secure their futures, since their dead husbands didn't leave much in the way of money behind.
The fun in the book is watching these women work together and against each other. As with most caper stories, it's one step forward and two steps back until the day of the crime. Will they succeed? Will someone watching them step in and snatch victory from them? Will the police catch anybody? Read it to see.
I received my copy of this book from BookishFirst.