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What a thrill ride

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What do you do when the one person who is suppose who died a violent matter, only to be alive? Not to mention be the one and only, and your husband? I could feel for Dolly, what would you do if your husband only pretended to dead. You and the other widows to pull of the one heist that he and crew could not do in memory of them and to help yourself out of a hole. Dolly, Linda and Shirley are living the life as the dreamed about, but what happens when one of your friends gets sloppy, and starts to spend to much money to soon. When someone starts coming after you, is the one person who you mourned for, cried over, risked your life, only to want what you have and want to put none feet down. Love, love Lynda la Plante style of writing, and she keeps me on my toes. Love it.