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Excellent Novel!

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I had not read the previous novel, but was brought up-to-date quickly in the first part of this book and quickly became interested in the sticky, tricky, and totally precarious situation in which these four ladies have landed themselves when one of four widows finds out her husband is still alive, has been living another life while married to her, and decides to take him for everything he's worth!

Lynda La Plante's dialogue between the characters, her shifting of scenes, and her descriptions of the people, the countries, and their emotions are absolutely spot-on! She is a terrific writer and definitely knows how to write a page-turner.

I thoroughly enjoyed following the exploits of these ladies when they learned the hubby who's really alive is now on their trail and the many ways they try to throw him off their scent! If you enjoy puzzling thrillers with laughs, you'll enjoy this one!