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I super enjoyed this story! I was not familiar with the gumiho legend so I can’t say how this retelling compares but it did make me want to read up on it and see where the series might go next.

Miyoung and Jihoon’s relationship developed brilliantly. I loved them together. She was so prickly, especially in comparison to his good-naturedness. But they have more in common than they originally think, thanks to absentee parents. How they deal with it is entirely different, of course, but the story did a great job of exploring this. For the record, I am not a fan of his mom or her dad. At all.

There are bold choices in the plot, which paid off for me. I was very sad about one particular development but I couldn’t see a way out of it either. The ending really freaked me out. I am very curious about how the next book will develop as a result.

CW: death of loved one, grief, kidnapping, violence (not gory or explicit), absentee parents, character in coma

Disclosure: I received an advanced copy from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.