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This story was really fun and very unique in the YA fiction world in my opinion. I loved the heavy emphasis on the Korean folklore. I know the author has also said that she wanted to incorporate her love of K-dramas into the story which, although I have never watched a K-drama, I can definitely see because there are some real soap opera, SUPER DRAMATIC stuff mixed in. Usually I would be annoyed by that kind of thing but it was written so well that I was into it.

Jihoon is such a soft boy and I loved him. Miyoung is tough and has her guard up for the majority of the book which can be difficult even for a reader to connect with her. Despite not being so warm and fuzzy I understood Miyoung and why she was the way she was and ultimately I was rooting for her.

I highly recommend this book for urban fantasy readers who want something different. I was satisfied with the ending but the epilogue hinted at a possible sequel so I'll be keeping me eye out for that!