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This book was a weird one for me. I really wanted to read it and I was excited to read it. When I started the first page I didn’t get that overwhelming feeling that I wanted to read it.

It was very fast paced at the beginning and I always feel like if your going to start your book with all the action right at the start then it won’t go anywhere. This is somewhat the case.

You get through the first half of the book and then the story just goes in another direction and you get lost and so very confused. And then when the plot finds itself again you wish the author would find another way to work around the plot so it just doesn’t lose itself. I must say though that once you get back to the story it just gets better.

The third person in the book was fine to a certain point. You have two main characters and it feels a little jumbled when they interact which they do, a lot. It starts with one person and slides to the other person and back and forth and that annoyed me quite a bit. I sometimes felt like I was reading from first person but it didn’t stop me because it genuinely overall was a good book.

The characters are good and solid. They are built up from the bottom and you get to know them all as individual people and that’s a good thing.
There is a certain character that gets on my nerves and that;s just because I think she’s horrible and could treat her daughter better. Yeah I get it towards then end but it still is such a cruel relationship and you see the effect of it throughout this book.

Now the ending got me. If I hadn’t decided to turn the page I would never had realised there was an epilogue which sets it up for another book. However without it the book just ends in a good way.

I know now that there will be another book and I can’t wait to read it.

I do feel like it could have touched on the mythology a bit more. I like background especially when the whole aspect is drawn from a myth. Would have given me more insight to the mythical edge of this book.

I gave this book overall 4 stars, it didn’t get the 5 stars due to the fact that it lost the plot line halfway through and I was so confused I thought I might just chuck this book across the room. I had to go back and read it a few times and that is where it lacked.

Overall this book is very enjoyable to read it just takes a bit of patience.