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Seoul contemporary fantasy

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So my best friend told me that I needed to read this book. I got it. I put off reading it. I finally read it. It was good. Not my favorite Korean inspired fantasy, that honor belongs to Shadow of the Fox. This is a good book, I just felt like it was a bit slow in some parts and obvious in others. The fantasy element was by far my favorite aspect of the book. The detail and world-building was beautifully done. It made me want to go to Seoul.

However the pacing bugged me at times. Like made me want to shake the book. My biggest issue with this book is that some of the biggest twists did not surprise me. I saw them coming a long way off. To that end it felt a bit like a K-Drama. You know with some of the predictable twists and tropes that occur. Mainly, I wish I had been surprised because the writing was good and the fantasy element was strong.