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Romance with Folklore Elements

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I really enjoyed the setting of this book in Seoul. Cho incorporates Korean folklore about gumiho and goblins and other creatures into this world, making for an engaging read. Jihoon is a goof who likes playing video games and sweet talking his way out of trouble more than paying attention in school. Miyoung is a beautiful and frosty teen who saves Jihoon's life. When Jihoon returns the favor, their lives become inexplicably intertwined. Despite her caustic responses to his attempts to befriend her, Jihoon still finds himself drawn to Miyoung. Both Jihoon and Miyoung are enjoyable and complex protagonists. Both are struggling to live up to the expectations of their parental figures. Jihoon also has his friend Somin the rebel and Changwan the meek rich boy. Both of them seem like they will be an asset to the cast. It will be entertaining watching the push and pull in Jihoon and Miyoung's relationship.