Perfect for K-drama fans who wants to know more ablut Korean myth

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This is definitely a must-read for fans of Korean drama and/or Korean culture. But if you are not a huge fan of K-drama but is looking for a diverse read that:

1. features an old but gold Asian mythology/folklore;
2. 3-in-1 book that has romance, action, and mystery; and
3. a book that will blow your mind off after reading;

then Kat Cho's Gumiho Wicked Fox is the right choice for you.

Generally, this book is a modern-day retelling of one of Korea's infamous mythology that is the nine-tailed fox commonly known as Gumiho. Revolving on the story of our main character Gu Miyoung, a half-human, half-gumiho, who is living with the Koreans in the busy city of Seoul, the story of her struggle as a mythical creature became remarkable after crossing paths with a mortal, Ahn Jihoon, in a deadly fight with a dokkaebi on the local forest. Unknowingly, the red strings of fate made sure that they will stumble onto each other because they are meant to do something that is not yet done in the history of the Gumihos. However, the odds to accomplish this mission are way too risky as the thing that was at stake if ever they failed to do it are their own lives. Let's get ahead with my review now.

First, I am still amazed with the feeling I have while reading diverse books like this because I feel every bit of cultural information presented in the book magically unravel in my mind as I sift through the pages of the book. In this case, every Korean thing involved in this narration has been significantly informative, from the supertitions and the mythical creatures and even the Korean foods presented in this book, everything made me feel excited to go to Korea and explore the country on my own feet assuring that there will be no gumihos or dokkaebis when I go there.

I also love the fact that the book presented a variety of content. There was a story about finding someone's identity at the beginning that further grew into a wonderful story of friendship and life. Also, the emotional content present during the last few chapters of this book is overwhelming. I almost cried when I thought my favorite character will be wiped out but thanks God, they remained alive for Book 2.