Mythology, K-drama romance, and all kinds of love!

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Miyoung is a 17-year old half-gumiho, half-human girl who is presented as a morally gray and flawed protagonist. From the start, she is strong-willed and stubborn, as evidenced by how tightly she clings to her beautiful and terrifying gumiho mother's teachings about how she should approach her life. As a rule, Miyoung holds her emotions close and never lets anyone close to her heart. As a result, she is incredibly lonely.

Along comes Jihoon, a human boy. Like Miyoung, he guards his heart, is strong-willed, and stubborn—especially when it comes to avoidance strategies that he has in place to protect himself. But unlike Miyoung, he does allow a select few people into his life and Miyoung is one of them. Despite her resistance, he pursues a friendship with her in a way that is sweet and charming.

It is important to note that although this is very much a love story between Miyoung and Jihoon, there is more than one kind of love being dissected, challenged, and fostered throughout this book with several well fleshed-out characters. That makes this a story about love more than just a romance.