My hopes of this being an amazing read....crushed...

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I strugged with this book. I was excited to read about Asian mythology, but I found this book to be extremely annoying. In the Asian culture, you always respect your elders and you always listen to them, so Miyoung is very obedient. Being half gumiho, she tries to stay out of trouble and under the radar, but being the beautiful new girl at school draws unwanted attention. Jihoon grew up poor with both parents leaving him behind to be cared for by his grandmother. He's a likable boy and has 2 close friends. He befriends Miyoung despite her trying to avoid human relationships. It was cute to see how he keeps trying to be her friend because he knows she really could use one. I didn't like how the story played out. I didn't like Miyoung's ridiculous choices and her rationale. She's supposed to be strong and confident, but she's meek and has no confidence. She didn't listen to her mother and keeps getting herself into trouble. I have no plans to read the sequel, the plot was pretty terrible.