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More Gumihos Please!

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Let's just start off with the fact that the world really needs more books about Gumihos (Kitsune) in it- they are easily becoming one of my favorite supernatural creatures/myths. This is only the fourth story I have ever encountered, each with a completely different lore and worlds, and I have loved them all so much I wish there were more stories I could dive into. If you happen to know any, let me know!

And while romance was not the complete focus of the book (maybe 50%) I found it to be very crucial to the overall plot. Wicked Fox was almost an enemies to lovers trope, where Miyoung basically hated Jihoon (through no fault of his own, but on principle more). But there was no way anyone could stay hating Jihoon, he was like a ray of affable sunshine that shined on everyone, but especially Moyoung who's life had previously been dark and dreary. It is hard to be happy and easy going when your whole existence surrounded eating the souls of others. To say that Miyoung is complicated would be an understatement. But really, both characters come from a background of neglect and hurt, probably attracted to that in each other. But maybe that is too deep for this review, sorry. Anyhow, the romance ran through the backbone of the story, but so did death and destruction, betrayal and sacrifice, as well as heartache and loss (not that I reflect on the book, it was kind of a sad story overall, but in a good way, I swear!)

I saw recently that the author said there will be another book in the series but that the focus will be on another set of people, but with little glimpses of Miyoung and Jihoon thrown in, which will be interesting since I am not sure I feel like their story is over yet. I am incredibly intrigued to see who and what the author will choose to focus on next. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for something different, who likes their romances with drama and heartache and anyone who loves folklore.