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Magic in modern Korea

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So, I love magical books set in fantasy worlds and I love contemporaries set in other countries, but this was a mashup of both. When talking to my friend about this book, she was surprised to learn it takes place in modern Korea, but it is a modern fantasy!

Still, if I hadn't have gotten this in my Fairyloot box, I may have never picked it up. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the second book, Vicious Spirits (?).

Wicked Fox is the story of a gumiho (fox spirit who feeds on souls) that just wants to be normal. She doesn't like having to kill people to survive. She looses her fox bead (soul) and a boy in her class finds it. And the story mainly follows her as she tries to put the bead back inside her.

It's got some really great characters (and some bad ones), plot twists, betrayal, love, found families, mother-daughter relationship strain, magic (of course), and some very sad deaths.