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Kdrama addicts would love this

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If you've ever watched or read about Korean folklore, tales of the Gumiho are quite popular. In fact if you love Korean Dramas, then you've definitely watched several all centered around the Gumiho, a mythical nine tailed fox who sucks the souls of men who've been seduced by their human form. Sometimes its their liver but I digress. In Kat Cho's Wicked Fox aka Gumiho, the myth is once again retold and adapted in Modern day Seoul. This time it's a young girl, Miyoung, who feeds on the soul of evil men while basically surviving. She doesn't like it but a girl has to eat and doing it this way she appeases her guilt by saving people from her victims. The real conflict comes when high school student Jihoon sees her in the act, while saving him. Nature dictates she has to get rid of him as well but then something in her is repelled and so she does the unthinkable and lets him go. What also happens is she loses her fox bead which is now in the possession of Jihoon. And that's were the adventure and conflicts start. I loved Wicked Fox because one it plays into one of my favorite Korean tropes plus the writing is excellent and it is fast paced. I definitely a recommend read for those who like mythology, action and adventure themes in their books!