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K-drama perfection!

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This was like reading a Korean drama straight from the TV. It pretty much had all the necessary elements to make this a worthy addition to the genre.

-Wrist-grabbing ✔️
-Heart-fluttering kiss in slow motion ✔️
-MC holding out an umbrella to the love interest who doesn’t have one ✔️
-Overbearing mother who won’t let her child be with the person they love ✔️
-playground/swing scene ✔️
-And of course, the ever famous drunken piggyback ride! ✔️

Seriously, I loved this book if just for those things! But the fantasy part was fantastical. I loved learning about gumiho and Korean mythology. Kat Cho did a spectacular job of bringing South Korea to life.

I’m very familiar with Korean culture, having watched dozens of dramas and living there for a year, so I loved all the descriptions of the culture, mannerisms, clothing, houses, streets, food, etc. It brought me right back to my time living there.

Even if you know nothing about Korea, Cho describes things in detail so you can still picture everything with ease. Well, except for the Korean words thrown in every now and then. Just make sure to check the glossary in the back of the book so you know what the characters are talking about 😉

I do wish there had been a little more lore and magic and foxes, but that didn’t diminish my love for the book at all. It just makes me super excited for the sequel! And dare might I ask that the second book has something more going on between Somin and Junu? 😍 I totally ship that couple!

Also, can we get a petition going for this to be made into either a movie or K-drama? English or Korean speaking is fine 😆 Maybe I’ll just have to settle with watching “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox,” which I’ve heard about before, but have yet to watch.