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K-drama Brought to Live

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In Korean legends and tales, gumihos are stunning creatures, nine-tailed foxes that must feed on man's liver to survive. Due to their bad reputation in these stories, gumihos are forced to keep their secret hidden from society. Ahn Jihoon's halmeoni has told him stories about gumihos, but he's always assumed that they were made up. That is until he encounters Gu Miyoung in the forest one night.

Miyoung has recently moved to Seoul, South Korea but she's hiding something. Something that no one should ever know about, but when she saves Jihoon from a near-death experience, he accidentally discovers her secret. Miyoung is actually a gumiho and when she saved Jihoon from the goblin, she lost her fox bead, yeowu guseul, in the process. In exchange for her not to kill him, Jihoon agrees to keep her secret safe. Even with a rocky start, a special friendship is formed between Jihoon and Miyoung.

Soon, Miyoung's strict mother, Yena, discovers that Miyoung had secretly befriended Jihoon, a human boy. With her past experiences, she knows humans only cause harm better than good so she despises the fact that Miyoung hangs out with Jihoon.

An unexpected betrayal turns the tables for Miyoung and threatens her friendship. What will happen next?

This book did not disappoint at all! It went above and beyond my expectations. I loved the setting in modern-day Seoul and the references to kpop idols, Rain, for example. Funny coincidence, I'm currently watching a kdrama called Tale of the Nine-Tailed that also has to do with gumihos!

I know I'm late to reading this but the book was lovely. It was like a kdrama in a book with all the excitement and suspense packed together. The author's descriptions and characters were absolutely amazing, and the fast pacing kept me at the edge of my seat. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!