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Just an okay love story

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Disclaimer: I DO think this book will appeal to a lot of people. I DON'T think this book was bad at all.

However, this book primarily focuses on the relationship between Miyoung and Jihoon. Because of that, I felt like other areas of the book were a bit lacking. For instance, there wasn't a whole lot of detail or depth in terms of plot and setting. I couldn't tell you what their neighborhood in Seoul looked like or what their school looked like or even why some of the plot twists happened at all.

All that being said, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I like books with detailed plots and vicious girls. I felt like Miyoung was vicious and edgy for the first couple pages, and then went all soft and boring once she meet Jihoon. She never did anything truly interesting after that. I get that she doesn't want to be a "monster," but I just think she became really boring to read about really quicky. RIP.

If you're into books where romance is the main focus, with characters who are selfless (to a fault), then you might really enjoy this book. But if not, this book is probably a hard pass.

The cover gives me life though. <3 <3