I wanted more.

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This book left me pretty disappointed because I was expecting so much more. I am unfamiliar with (I think) Korean mythology as I heard another reviewer mention. So I think if there was more background I woyld have gotten more out of the significance of the story. As for the characters I felt they were generic and not unique in personality at all. I really didn't care for them at all. It was not a love interest I was rooting for. There was an instance where the main character takes off and a year passes I felt so utterly confused about what was going on. I also felt that the language could have been explained more. I didn't know that the words for the seven tail fox was a title not a persons name. I think in order to understand the foundation of the book you have to understand the mythogy, making this book limited to the audience. I felt left out. I think the premiss was a really great idea and I wanted more of the foxes, and shifters. The cover art is beautiful.