I really enjoyed this book

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I really enjoyed this book. It is an urban fantasy following two points of view: a human boy, Jihoon, and a half-gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox) girl named Miyoung. Their paths cross when she looses her fox bead (gumiho soul) and he tries to help her retrieve it. Miyoung also struggles between her gumiho and human nature, as gumihos survive by devouring the souls of men. Jihoon lives with his grandmother and helps at her restaurant, and his mother had abandoned him and started a new family. Miyoung lives with her gumiho mother, who urges her to embrace her true nature. There was a perfect mix of real life dilemmas and fantastical trouble. It felt very similar to an anime. It was really fun to learn about Korean mythology. Those who enjoy Percy Jackson, or any of the Rick Riordan presents books, should give this novel a try. I can't wait to read the sequel!