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I saw this book on a booktok review video and the creator made it seem like something I might enjoy so I went to my local library to pick up a copy. I really enjoyed the style of writing and how the book was like a K-drama brought to life with ridiculous relatable characters who I felt myself becoming better and better friends with each page turn. In the story Miyoung moves to Seoul, South Korea with a secret, she is actually a gumiho, a mythical nine tailed fox who relies on men’s liver as food. Jihoon learns her secret after she selflessly saves him from a goblin and loses a wolf bead in the process. Jihoon keeps Miyoung’s secret safe and they start to develop a special friendship.
I feel like the is a great read for anyone needing to diversify their bookshelf. I especially think fans of Moonglow will love this book because of the similarities in the stories.