Folktale retelling

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Umm first of all, the cover. It's beautiful!! All the dark purples and pinks and just a *hint* of a fox tail there! I love it!

Gu Miyoung is a gumiho. An immortal nine-tailed fox. But she is also human. Her father was (is?) human, her mother a gumiho. Miyoung has to take gi (energy) from humans in order to maintain her form and immortality. Intrigued yet? I was! I love fairy tale/mythology/folk tale retellings, all cultures and countries!

Kat Cho's debut book was a page-turner! I read it in 2 days and couldn't get enough of it. I love Jihoon in all his subtle not so subtle ways of getting Miyoung's attention and not giving up on her and I enjoyed their interactions with each other. I love Jihoon's halmeoni, she is such a sweet, strong grandmother!

About halfway through the book I didn't know where it was going! Betrayals abound! But I liked the ending and now I'm impatiently itching for book 2!! Hopefully it gets an equally breathtaking cover!