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Enjoyable KDrama as a YA Novel

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What was most engaging to me in this book was the Korean mythology around the gumiho (or "fox demon") -- "women" who drain life/energy to sustain themselves. The Fox is a recurring mythos across Asia (Japan, China). Overall, I felt like the plot could have been condensed a bit more -- although this was a romance novel foremost, so of course there needs to be drama and conflict. My main constructive criticism would be to further flesh out the gumiho mythos throughout the novel and further expand on the culture and daily life in modern-day Seoul. As a lover of K-Pop myself, it was really cool and rewarding to see a modern novel written in this environment. The blending of the modern culture with the ancient Fox "superstitions" was really engaging and I wish that was more of the crux of the novel rather than so much focus on the romance.