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Angsty Slow YA Paranormal

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It was okay. I finished it. I didn’t guess the big reveals. It’s not really over, but I don’t know about continuing the series. I did like the second half more than the first, so maybe. It’ll depend on the synopsis. 

It’s good and I love the cover, but not great for me. Sorry.

>My favorite parts where the mythological stories between chapters
>Like the mythological creatures & integration 
>I love her living off of bad men & making the world a better place. I’d love her owning this instead of the guilty monster routine.
>Love all the complicated family relationships
>Emo, angsty, & tortured with tender moments, and betrayals, 

Remember how Elsa’s parents did the opposite of what the trolls said to do with the whole “conceal, don’t feel”, shtick? It’s like that, but there’s no Anna, no dad and Elsa’s mom is pure ice. Kristoff lives with a chef grandma instead of the trolls. He & Elsa alternate risking their lives and saving each other. Kristoff is in a trio of friends that can speak for themselves and skips off to game in cafes. 
So nothing like Frozen, but that’s how my fatigued brain works.