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An Original YA Fantasy Romance

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Miyoung is a gumiho, a nine tailed fox that needs the souls of men to survive. Against her better judgement, she saves a boy, Jihoon, and in the process loses her fox bead. Her gumiho soul resides within the bead. Jihoon and Miyoung develop a friendship and more while she tries to get her bead back. In the end, she will be forced to decide between her soul and the boy she is beginning to have feelings for.

This books was so original for me. I love learning about other cultures and since this book is set in modern day Seoul, I felt like I got a glimpse. Also the gumiho is an ancient Korean legend.

You can’t help but love the developing relationship between Miyoung and Jihoon. Both struggling with different problems, and seeming to fall in love anyway. Their interactions were sweet, and it felt very different from the YA fantasy romances I normally read.

I would definitely continue with this series.