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Not exactly sure how I feel about this, and maybe that's the point as it's a pretty trippy book with all the philosophical contemplation. It certainly wasn't what I expected and I wished for more of the promised mystery.
Says it's unnecessary to be familiar with the lives and works of Blake and Jerusalem, however I can't help but think my reading would have been enhanced by some general background. I would encourage readers to look up some basic info first.
I love mystery, and I find philosophy interesting, but I wish this book would have gone one way or the other. There's so much of one in between the other that it felt like two different books. I like a book that makes me think but there was so much extraneous detail on top of it that it dragged.
The reveal was interesting, all the seemingly innocuous things tying together for the solution, such is laid out elegantly.
Clearly a labor of love from the author, and though not entirely for me, I think there's those who will be able to better appreciate this work.