The summer of 1926

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I usually read historical fiction that is primarily a romance. My favorite is Regency romances. Lately there have been many historical fictions covering both the world wars, stories I like to avoid. This one is different. It's set in 1926 Nashville, between the wars, after the Spanish flu and before the Great Depression. It is very definitely the Jim Grow South, where social attitudes about race were out for display.
Two Feathers, her stage name, is a Cherokee woman. She used to act in the Wild West shows. Times are hard for those shows, being pushed out of the public favor by traveling circuses. So Two Feathers is "on-loan" to the Glendale Park Zoo as a horse-diver, something that was a great drawing entertainment at that time.
Two liked her job and she liked her horse. One day during her dive, the ground opened up and swallowed the diving tank. As a result, Two was injured and her horse was killed. Now, with a broken leg and no work, Two is free to wander the park and spend more time with the staff and animals. We get to wander with her. This is not as boring as it sounds.
I liked the story. The time, people and place felt right. The author spent the time in research to bring it all to life for us. The book perfectly captured a brief space in our country's past. I highly recommend the book.