Really unique and interesting

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This was such a unique story, with great characters and even ghosts to fit in for October! Thanks to @bookishfirst and @marinerbooks for an early copy! 

Synopsis: Two Feathers is a Cherokee horse diver at a Tennessee zoo in the 1920s. When disaster strikes one of her shows, she is sidelined and starts developing relationships with others at the zoo, with both positive and negative repercussions.   

This was really enjoyable. Two Feathers was a great character, and I loved seeing her friendships develop with some others. It was really interesting seeing the different shades of racism at the time, how people treated her as well as how they treated the one Black zoo employee. 

This was an interesting blend of historical fiction, romance, and magical realism, with some characters starting to become aware of spirits in the area.

It was a bit on the slow side, and while I definitely enjoyed it, I did not always find it completely compelling (I didnt HAVE to pick the book back up again, you know?) But definitely still a great read that I would recommend!