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This novel is an interesting tale as it follows two Cherokee horse riders, but neither of the rider fit in during the 1920s. One from a black owning family who still live in a highly segregated society. But when a disaster strikes the two, the history of the park are soon reveled; two dodges her unsettling, lurking admirer and bonds with Clive, Glendale’s zookeeper and a World War I veteran, who is haunted—literally—by horrific memories of war. To start, I found the chose of using italics interesting as it gave a almost letter/ journal feeling. On that note, I found it a perfect and very tone setting choice of having the prologue set during the Industrialization period of America. I also thought the choice of the third person was very beautiful prose and sets such a nice writers voice. But, the very prose heavy writing may also have some dismiss it since it can be hard to understand at times.