Historical Fiction from 1920’s

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This book had a lot of moving pieces and it was a historical fiction with a splash of mystery and the mystical mixed in. I really liked the original premise and characters. I found the story overall to be a bit of a slow read for me and it was not a book that kept me from picking up other books. I will say I liked reading a historical fiction from a different time period.

I liked the main character Two Feathers a lot even if her voice in the story came off as detached. Two Feather is a horse diver (I had no idea such a thing existed which was crazy and neat). She enjoys being a show person and loves her horse dearly. One day she dives and a sinkhole opens up and she and her horse fall into an underground cave. While recovering she has to slow her pace which lets her reconnect with herself and notice some other odd things like her mysterious admirer and an Indian ghost that has been following her around.