A Richly Detailed Tale

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I really enjoyed how this story, built around a Cherokee horse-diver working in Glendale Park outside Nashville in 1926, is so rich in historic detail, including actual events such as the Scopes Trial. Author Verble is herself Cherokee and grew up on the former grounds of the Park. While primarily a highly detailed and realistic tale, there is an element of the supernatural in the appearance of several ghosts, especially Little Elk. Yet, even this element feels so very real in the context of the story. As much a development of several characters, an Englishman who survived the First World War, an African American who works in the Park yet has connections to a Nashville landowning family, and even minor characters such as the plate-juggling Montgomery sisters, there is also a threaded storyline connecting all the characters revealing the prejudices of the times and the power of good to eventually triumph in a most unusual form! A good read which I highly recommend if you enjoy historical novels.